Nosor Baladna Company 

Nosor Baladna is one of the leading companies of Arabic, HALAL and luxury foodstuff in the region (ME&Turkey), and our experience extends since 1998 in Syria.
As the war began in Syria we moved and started our business in Turkey in 2012, and established the headquarter of the company in Gazi Antep – Turkey.

Our main goal was to be one of the biggest companies of Arabic and halal food products that supplies international Markets, especially Turkish and European Markets.

After our success in the Tukish market and the success to access the European markets, and as a part of the company’s plan for development, we have announced opening Europe headquarter in Germany near to Düsseldorf city, which enables us to increase our supplies to the market and serve our customers in a better way, and of course having a bigger share in the European market.

On top of our priorities is the selection of the world’s best suppliers so we keep the quality of our products at the premium level and assuring their matching to highest specifications and international standards by adopting scientific research, selecting the best raw materials and applying the highest level of international standards.

At the Commercial side, we always strive in BALADNA to establish distinctive and strong trade relations with international companies and the traders, built upon trust, long term relation and common interest, along with the adoption of continuous development of work methods including planning, selling process and creative marketing to guarantee a privileged position in the global markets.


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