Nosor Baladna company 

The leading manufacturer and trader of Arabic, HALAL and luxury foodstuff since 1998.

Our products are characterized by their premium quality conforming the highest specifications and international standards.

We are also characterized by our large variety and diversity of foodstuff that meets all needs of HALAL markets in Turkey and all Arabic, African and European countries.

In order to serve our BALADNA’s consumers and to ensure that we always maintain their trust in our BALADNA’s varieties, we believe that we should continue to develop our items by adopting scientific research, selecting the best raw materials and applying the highest level of international standards.

As well as our adoption of the latest methods and means of marketing methodical and academic to deliver our message to the BALADNA’s consumers

Here we would like to recall with all pride

That we are the first Arab company to receive the German Quality Assurance Certificate and get the highest level of evaluation of 1.1 for 2017.

At the commercial level, we always strive in BALADNA to establish distinctive and strong trade relations with international companies and the honorable merchants.

Plus we are also keen on the continuous development of the methods of work in planning and sales to maintain a privileged position in the global markets.